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Auto Warranty Companies Provide Many Services

Auto warranty companies provide many different services for car owners. Their primary service is to offer warranties on autos for consumers. Selecting which of these auto warranty companies to use is a big decision for car owners.

Using Auto Warranty Companies

Many dealerships provide various car warranties for both their new and used vehicles. However, not everyone purchases a car from a dealership. Or perhaps the dealership does not offer the type of warranties that you would like for your car. Auto warranty companies fill in the gap and provide various warranties for these types of situations. Some people even use auto warranty companies to obtain additional coverage on their cars after the dealership warranties have expired.

Types of Warranties

What types of warranties are you likely to find with auto warranty companies? There are literally hundreds of warranty packages to choose from when selecting additional or new warranty coverage. However, do not be over-whelmed. The majority of auto warranty companies will provide standard packages for car warranty coverage.

Often you can find basic warranty coverage. You can also find extended warranty coverage and even used car warranty coverage, basic, limited or extended. You will have to determine what type of coverage you want and shop around with the various auto warranty companies to decide which type of coverage will best meet your needs. Many offer wear and tear warranties and even cover events such as the car over-heating.

Roadside Assistance Service

A reputable car warranty company will provide roadside assistance for emergencies such as a flat tire, forgetting the keys in the ignition and being locked out of the car or even running out of gas and getting stranded on the roadside. There is often a nominal or no fee for the roadside assistance service.

Claims Service

If you should need to use your warranty for your car, the auto warranty companies have claims departments to handle the requests. You will need to find a company that provides 24-hour claim service to make sure that in the event of an emergency, someone will be able to take your call and help you.

Number of Claims

Some warranties offered by a dealership have limited number of claims that can be filed during the warranty period. The majority of auto warranty companies have unlimited claims.

Payment Options Service

Another service that auto warranty companies offer that is different than most dealership plans is the payment options service. At a dealership the cost of warranties is added onto the price for the new or used car. This in turn is added to the monthly car payment and the interest that you pay until the vehicle is completely paid off. Essentially, you are paying interest on the warranties.

Reputable auto warranty companies will allow customers to create a payment plan that fits their budget without having to pay interest. You can pay monthly for the plan or even bi-annually. This can in the long run provide tremendous savings to the car owner.

Money Back Guarantee Service

You may have run into the problem that your warranties do not offer a money back guarantee. The reputable auto warranty companies want to keep you as a client and the majority offer some sort of money back guarantee. You will need to inquire with them for the policies and terms of these gurantees to find out what all is covered.

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