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Ford F-Series Still Topping Charts

The Ford F-Series has been America’s best selling truck for 33 straight years and this past year has been no exception. The sales in the month of December were over 48,000, which is a whopping 16% increase over December 2008, and one of the biggest reasons is the fact that the 2009 Ford F-150 was completely redesigned with an all new engine and more options as well as Ford’s famous Sync Bluetooth platform.

The new 2011 F-Series Super Duty, too, is going to feature a more powerful engine than its predecessors as well as a redesigned chassis. The auto transport industry has also taken notice of the many Ford vehicles that have been shipped this past year. The three states that have seen the most sales of Ford vehicles are Texas, Nebraska and Missouri and the Ford F-Series has outsold its rivals by over 97,000 units, which is the largest margin in the past three years.

This is a great day for Ford. Ford has long been criticized for making a…well, not the best vehicles on the market, but consumer trust in the company has grown considerably over the past three years, with 2009 being one of the best years for the company since the economic collapse in late 2007. GM can’t boast the numbers that Ford is putting up – neither can Toyota or Nissan or even Volkswagen. Like I said, this is a great day for Ford.

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